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Coalition for Adequate Transportation

Serving Indiana and its connections.




In 1971, Indianapolis and the greater metropolitan area faced a critical problem and few people recognized it - public transportation. City and county governments had failed to take action to provide transportation options for all citizens. A failing private bus company meant many citizens could be left without any public transportation options. As a result, 22 organizations banned together to address what the government would not - the looming loss of all bus service in the city. They called themselves the Coalition for Adequate Transportation. Their efforts saved bus service by creating what we now know as IndyGo.



Almost five decades later, Indianapolis and its surrounding counties face the same issue - public transportation. While progress has been made, city and county governments need to once again do more to support &  encourage development of transportation options for all citizens. As a result, we’re relaunching the Coalition for Adequate Transportation dedicated to bringing more and better transportation choices to Indiana communities. When our transportation system works for everyone, we all thrive. We demand Better Transit Now.

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More Transit Options

As our region grows, we need more transportation  options, not fewer. For example, a survey of 590 Fishers residents indicated that nearly 70% wanted access to light rail.* The Nickel Plate corridor is an opportunity for increased commuter options in a growing regional pathway. A current trail-only plan unnecessarily holds citizens and employers hostage from more transportation options along the only existing piece of contiguous land that connects multiple communities along 37 miles from Indianapolis to Tipton. What’s happening to this corridor is one of the largest public works projects in recent history, and it’s being decided by a handful of people despite what the community has requested.

*Source: 2013 Fishers Transportation Plan Survey



We believe that the key to a healthy transportation system within a community is a balanced approach to interconnected multi-modal transportation. The ever-evolving list of multi-modal transportation features that can and should be implemented is below:


Bike Share

Bus Rapid Transit

Electric & CNG Bus

Electric Auto Share

Rail Trails



Bike/Pedestrian Bridge Accommodations


(Long Distance Rail)

Air Travel/Airport Connections

South Shore

(Commuter Rail)

Light Rail

Transportation Hubs

Canal & River Trails

Excursion/Scenic Rail

Hospital/Health Facility Trails

Trail Towns

Integrated Thoroughfares

(walkability and accessibility)

Vehicle Charging Stations

Library Trails/Walks

National Trail Systems


Advocacy In Action

  • We advocate for policies and funding, and provide education that supports more transit, bike, and pedestrian improvements at the state, regional, and local levels. We recognize that transportation is a pathway to opportunity — connecting communities and people to a full and vibrant life.

  • To achieve our policy goals, we focus on building coalitions across sectors. We collaborate to leverage our collective power and resources to find solutions within agency policy, through legislative bodies, and at the ballot box.

  • We foster relationships with our coalition and communities to reach a shared understanding, develop goals, and identify policies that support equitable transportation options for all. By taking our policy work to the people and connecting them to opportunity, we give transit supporters and riders the tools to advocate for their communities, encourage further policy work, and continue to engage and elevate transportation issues.

  • We operate under the premise of Better Transit Now, and this is the name used by our citizens’ action arm.



Hoosier Rails to Trails Council

Indiana Trails Community

Save the Nickel Plate, Inc.

Bike Indianapolis

Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation

Ride Illinois!


There are many ways to have a voice in your local transportation choices. Transportation exists to serve the public good but in order to serve you in the best possible way, you need to make your voice heard! We focus on getting the public engaged with their local transportation systems and fight hard to make the changes that you need. Find out how you can support our efforts below.

Take Action

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